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Process consulting plays a crucial role in generating value for companies. Through a systematic and methodical approach, our experts help organizations identify areas for improvement in their internal processes and implement effective solutions that maximize efficiency and productivity.

We size and quantify financial, operational, cultural and technological opportunities.

Strategy & Consulting
Envisioning and executing change at speed and scale.
Finance Consulting
Helping finance and risk leaders navigate disruption.
People and Organization
Engage the teams to deliver superior performance.
Data Analytics
Unlock powerful insights by tapping into data.

Customer Results

+500 success stories

Our efficient and scalable operation has enabled us to build strong relationships with over 100 brands throughout the region.

- Sensibilización masiva.
- Conciencia de consumo

"Certificamos a Grupo Valor cómo una empresa seria y comprometida"

Maggie Frenero Dirección de ventas

- Modelo de captura de nuevos clientes.
- Modelo de optimización de rutas.

"Con la implementación de estas iniciativas, se obtuvo un retorno sobre la inversión real de 2:1"

Fernando Montenegro Gerente General

- Herramientas comerciales.
- Optimización del tiempo.

"Certificamos a Grupo Valor cómo una empresa comprometida con los resultados y con capacidad de adaptación a nuestro negocios"

Ronaldo Arias VP y Gerente General de BG Valores

- Optimización del área de postventa.
- Reducir los detractores del NPS.

"Recomendamos ampliamente a Grupo Valor como una empresa eficaz, comprometida y capaz de generar resultados formidables"

Gustavo De Luca CEO de Bavarian Motors

- Alineación del Equipo Regional.

"Reconocemos la capacidad de Grupo Valor para apoyarnos con la alineación del equipo regional con un enfoque hacia resultados"

Victoria Casafont Dirección de RRHH
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    Applied models
    +USD 0 Bn
    profits generated
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    How does it work?

    To identify these opportunities, we review the processes, technology interactions, culture and the team that performs these tasks, as well as the impact they have on the company’s finances.


    job approach

    Over 3 weeks a dedicated and multidisciplinary team will be detecting opportunities in the operation of your company.



    You will be supported by an analysis team integrated by financial specialists, industrial engineers, systems engineers, change facilitators and strategy specialists.



    We identify the financial potentials and the operational feasibility of crystallizing them. On this basis, we establish the method by which to measure the return on investment of the project. 

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