valor consulting

Innovation, transformation and leadership lead us to achieve what we have never achieved before.

Start the identification process to visualize opportunities within your organization.


How does it work?

To identify these opportunities, we review the processes, technology interactions, culture and the team that performs these tasks, as well as the impact they have on the company’s finances.

What do we do?

We size and quantify financial, operational, cultural and technological opportunities.

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We create value

In 3 steps

We create customized solutions to build your company’s value.



Over 3 weeks a dedicated and multidisciplinary team will be detecting opportunities in the operation of your company.


Specialized team

You will be supported by an analysis team integrated by financial specialists, industrial engineers, systems engineers, change facilitators and strategy specialists.



We identify the financial potentials and the operational feasibility of crystallizing them. On this basis, we establish the method by which to measure the return on investment of the project. 

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